A perfect day

Could this day be any better? The answer is a resounding No! This day could not be any better because this day lacks nothing. This day is exactly the same hours and minutes as all the others.

If this day is upon you and you are a part of it and it has all the components that a day should have, this day is perfect. In fact, this day couldn’t be any more perfect. The only variable here is you. You have the ability to enjoy this day or not. You and you alone will at some point in time this day, judge this day. To you it will be a so-so day or maybe a good day or possibly a bad day or your opinion of it may change several times.

How can that be so? If this day is perfect, how can it be bad or even so-so? It can’t unless you ignore its perfection. Its perfection is obvious if you are in the right frame of mind. What if you saw this day as perfect? What if you said to yourself “Here is a brand new day. It is a day to practice what I believe. It is a day to hold fast to my gratitude and happiness regardless of what comes along. Today I will be the me I always want to be.”

Today is perfect and so are you. There is no need to compare this day to any other and there is no need to compare yourself to any other person. Today, live at your happiest level. Make your gratitude bulletproof, allow no one or no thing to minimize it. This day couldn’t be any better but your enjoyment of it and your gratitude for it can be better than ever.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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