A picture of you

When you get a chance, take a look at a picture of yourself, the less flattering the better. The first feeling is recognition (yep, that’s me) and then very quickly you become the critic (OMG look at the way I …). Stop!

Do you have any idea of all the person in that picture has been through? Do you have any idea how hard the struggle has been? Do you know how very hard that person is working to make a better life? Do you know that the person in that picture just wants a chance to do good, to help others and to be remembered as someone who really cared, to love and be loved? Don’t you think that the person in the picture in front of you deserves a break from your criticism? Of course you do.

If a fighter punched himself repeatedly for days before he got into the ring, what chance would he have at winning? None. The world is not difficult. Making money is not difficult. Having a loving relationship is not difficult. Having the strength or energy to do any of that after beating up on yourself repeatedly is very difficult.

Everything you want in life starts with how you treat you. If you think you can do something, it’s done. If you think that you deserve more, you’ll get it. If you like and love yourself, your world will reflect exactly that.

It’s time to love you. It’s time to look at that picture of you and declare once and for all “I’m going to take care of you! I’m going to support you! I’m going to help you, build you up, be your biggest cheerleader”. It’s time to change and the biggest and most important change is to begin talking better to yourself. You can do it and you definitely deserve it after all you’ve been through. Right?

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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