A Week Off

We constantly work on our fears and our faults and well we should but how about taking a week off? How about this week we work on our gifts and blessings? How about this week instead of walking around ourselves watching for some infraction of the rules of spiritual and physical and emotional and financial growth, we take a break? For this week let’s turn it around. Let’s focus on what we are doing right. Let’s focus on our successes in any area of our life at any time of our life. Let’s focus on when we made a difference. Let’s focus on the fact that we made it this far. Let’s focus on our gifts of seeing and hearing and speaking and being able to choose our thoughts. Let’s focus on all we have learned about love. Sure there’s more to learn and more to change but let’s leave that until next week. Let’s spend this week being good to ourselves. Let’s think about what would give us a great deal of pleasure this week and actually do it!! How about for this week we become our own best friend? How about we put down the whip and pick up the ice cream cone? You say you don’t deserve it? Can’t afford it? I say don’t listen to that man behind the curtain. You have plenty of time to make up for taking a week off and if it turns out that you don’t have that much time left, you’ll be glad you took a happy week off. Go for it! It just might make the difference you have been looking for. Have a happy week. It starts right now!

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