A White Shirt

Do you ever feel stuck? Stuck in a relationship or lack of one or stuck in debt or dieting or fear or health issues? Sometimes it feels like quicksand, just slowly sinking and the more you try or struggle, the deeper you sink? If none of this applies, go straight to gratitude and ignore the following guidance.

I have been horribly stuck in an array of scenarios many times in my life. Sometimes I felt like Hans Solo in the old Star Wars when he gets put into that contraption that freezes him into an immovable state. Over and over this happened until I found the solution. One day I realized that it wasn’t Jabba the Hut that was causing my dilemma, it was me!

Sure, I wished for a way out but all and I do mean all of my thoughts were always about what a horrible, no answer predicament I was in. I was consumed by the problem, the problem, the problem. I couldn’t find a solution so obviously one didn’t exist. Of course it didn’t exist where I was looking! It was like looking for a white shirt in a coal mine. Do white shirts exist? Of course they do but not in coal mines!

If you want a solution to your problem you must learn to get out of the coal mine of complaining, griping, whining and blaming yourself or anyone else. You have to climb out of the darkness and negativity by fully realizing that the answer, like the white shirt, cannot be found down there.

The solution is that you have to get up, stand up, and look up. Next, state your problem, understand your problem, surrender your problem and imagine with a positive expectancy that a solution is on the way. Stay out of the coal mine and you’ll have that white shirt faster than you could imagine. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but I know you can do it.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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