Accept Reality

How many times have you and I wanted things to be different in our lives only to be extremely thankful later on when we realized that had we gotten our way it would have been awful and actually the way it turned out was actually better than what we had in mind? For me, too many times to count without a calculator.

Our resistance to the reality of the moment (all reality is the reality of the moment!) is a major source of pain, resentment and futility. Learn to accept what is going on. That doesn’t mean that you like or agree with what is going on but not accepting what’s going on is not accepting reality and not accepting reality is the beginning of countless parent talks to their teenagers.

Once you accept what is going on, you come to peace with reality and when you come to peace with reality, you are in a powerful position to make changes as you move forward.

Forget all the whining and complaining. Stop listening to the whining and complaining of anyone else. Accept what is going on in your life right now. SEE it as a good thing (you may have to work at this one) and BELIEVE that it is the best for you or for someone who is watching you handle this.

It’s easy to accept things when they are going well but your growth, strength and compassion will grow only from things going not so well. Oh, to be able to celebrate both! For celebrating both would be celebrating life in its entirety. Let’s work on it.

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