Act in harmony

There is no place where harmony is more important than in that place between who we think we are and how we actually act. Many times we think that we are fair and just but in actuality we act as if there was one set of rules for us and another set for everyone else. It’s okay for us to make that turn as the light turns red but we want everyone else ticketed on the spot. We don’t want anyone else raising their voice in anger but when we get angry, it is somehow different. We say we want to be totally independent but quickly blame others for not being there for us. We tell others (especially children) how to live their life in order to be happy and then do the opposite in our own lives.
With the beginning of a new year soon upon us it is important that we bring our thoughts and our actions into harmony. It is not that difficult.  It is all about honesty. We must watch our actions and be totally honest as to whether they are in harmony with who we think we are. If we say we love someone, we need to watch and make sure that our actions with that person are all about love.  Is sarcasm or humor taking the place of honest communication? We don’t have to work on loving the world. It is enough to work on loving the people that we say we love. In fact it is the finest place to begin. If we thoroughly love those who we say we love, we are well on our way to loving the world. Love those you love. Tell them. Show them. Let them feel it from across the room. Make sure the people you love know that you love them. Love actively. Love unconditionally. Love like your happiness depends upon it because….it does!
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