Imagine that you are an actor and you are performing the part of an English king in the 1500’s. You are doing well. The other actors and the audience love you.

One day the director walks in and hands you a new script for a new play where you play a young adult in a suburban family.

Opening night and you come on dressed like a English king in the 1500’s and you start screaming for your royal court.

Within minutes the other actors and the audience dislike you and the director fires you. Why?

Because you took something that worked really well in the past and you tried to force it to work exactly like that again.

What worked yesterday might not work today. What worked with one person or one situation might not work with other people or other situations. Treat every moment with the wisdom gained from your past but with the eagerness and the open eyes and open heart of a brilliant child.

Each morning a brand new play starts for you. One day it’s a play about love. The next day will be an adventure, then another day tears and then another day laughter. Watch for the signs from the Director and remember that no two days are ever the same. If you treat them as the same, you’ll turn it into a comedy for who ever is watching.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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