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Thanksgiving here in the states is always about family, about friends, about Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine et al. How about if this year we make it all about you? How about we make it about what you like and what you want to eat and what you want to watch on the TV? How about we all go out of our way so that you have a really great day? How about we all go out of our way to make you happy? How about you work on it too?

You see, what family and friends and even Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine want more than anything else in this whole world is for you to be happy. You can have the house perfectly decorated, you can cook the perfect meal, you can look perfectly dressed but if you are not happy, everything else suffers.

How about this year along with giving thanks for what you have, you find a way to be not only thankful for what you have but HAPPY with what you have. Happy for the family. Happy for the friends. Happy for the relatives. Happy for the food. Happy for the day off. Happy because you are alive. Happy just because.

We want the people we love to feel happy because it makes us feel happy too. And guess what? When you are happy, they get happier because someone they love (you!) is happy. So the best thing to bring to the table this Thursday is not the cranberry sauce or the green bean casserole, it is your happiness. Yeah, let’s make this Thursday all about you. Remember, we don’t wish each other a Thanksgiving. We wish each other a HAPPY Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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