Do you find yourself getting angry at the world or some part of it? Maybe your anger is directed against a person or a kind of person or maybe it’s just a equal opportunity anger that can focus on anyone or anything. No matter how we classify our anger, remember one thing. All of our anger is the result of our unmet expectations.

The key word there is “our”, not the situation, not the time, the place or the people involved. We expected things to go a certain way and they didn’t so now we get angry. We expected people to act differently and they didn’t so now we get angry.

Is all anger wrong? Of course not. We should be angry when we encounter injustice or abuse. However our anger should be a signal that we have to change something or adapt to something. It should not be an automatic response to every little thing that irritates us.

Next time anger floods through you mind and body stop for a moment. (Easier said than done but with practice, entirely doable.) Once you pause, ask yourself not “why am I angry” but rather “what do I need to change or adapt to right now”? Maybe go for a walk or count to ten. Maybe get some sleep. Maybe have something to eat. Maybe get away from some toxic people or situations temporarily or permanently.

Anger brings a signal that what is happening and what we want to happen are not in harmony. Say goodbye to anger as soon as the message is delivered but whatever you do, don’t invite anger in and feed it. It is a terrible guest.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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