Where are the awards for loving and caring? You know that you have been nominated don’t you? Every time someone remembers a kindness you did for them, you get a vote cast for you. Every time someone remembers how you went out of your way when you really didn’t want to, you get a vote cast for you. Every time you forgive the hurt someone did to you, you get a vote cast for you. Every time you send a prayer out there for someone you get another vote cast for you.

More votes are being cast for you every day than you could possibly imagine. People who know or have known you are always silently thanking you for the positive words and compassion you had for them. People who don’t know you are praying for you and your love to triumph in this world. You are one of the stars on this planet and many people know it.

Many people are voting for you but who nominated you? Before you were born there was a great deal of discussion about what this planet would need at this time and you were chosen to come here and make a difference and you have and you continue to make a huge difference. “Oh” you say “you couldn’t possibly mean me. I’ve screwed up so many times it isn’t funny.” Yes and no. Yes, you have screwed up many times and no, it really is funny.

You have screwed up in ways that were unimaginable to a regular person. You have blundered and guessed wrong more times than most people BUT you recovered each and every time. You triumphed time and time again. You dug yourself out of every hole you fell into. You got back up every time you got knocked down.

You could have come here and just talked and no one would have listened or changed but you showed by example that you could overcome anything and still be caring and loving no matter how difficult your path. Your strength has made a difference. Your love has made a difference. Your caring has made a difference and your example has made a difference.

The votes are still being counted but from what I hear, you are the favorite to get the award. Well done.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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