Believe in You

If you want to run a race, go back to school, lose weight, get a promotion, strike out on your own, there is always the same advice, believe in yourself. It’s great advice but how exactly does one do such a thing?

Let’s start by explaining the opposite. How does someone NOT believe in themselves? First and most importantly, they would have to convince themselves that they are totally alone and unconnected to any source of life or energy. Secondly, they would have to have a voluntary kind of amnesia whereby everyone who believed in them and their abilities and potential would be forgotten. Thirdly, they would have to convince themselves that they have never succeeded in or overcome anything no matter how small. If by chance these three steps can be mastered (it will take daily reinforcement over a long period of time) one will actually be able to stand up and say that they don’t believe in themselves. Oh, but wait… if they do that then they will actually have to admit that they succeeded at something and that wouldn’t, couldn’t really be allowed. Forget the last paragraph.

Okay, moving on, if one wishes to believe in oneself one must climb a great mountain barefoot or save a squadron of nuns from shark infested burning buildings and remember one of those two incidences anytime they fail to believe in themselves.

Absurd? You betcha. It’s absurd because everyone believes in themselves. It was hardwired into each of us at birth. It’s the reason we hope and pray and cry sometimes. We believe that our life is tough and we honestly believe that we can make it better. We believe that we have overcome pain and sickness and loneliness and will continue to do so. We believe that all that we have been through has somehow made us wiser and stronger. We believe that another mistake, another embarrassment, another wrong choice is not going to be the end of us. Yes, we believe in us. Sometimes we just have to remember.

So when someone tells you that you have to believe in yourself, don’t ask “How?”, just smile and say “Thanks for the reminder”.

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