Blue Dye

Fill a jar with blue dye and drop something white into it. What happens? Try another color. Drop it in. What happens? Of course the answer is a big “Duh! Everything that you put into the blue dye turns blue!” So incredibly simple. 

Now try to remember a time when your mind was filled with worthlessness or anger or depression. What happened to every uplifting thought that you put in there? It was instantly dyed with what already filled your mind.

So how do you change your mind if everything you think is going to be affected by what is already an established mood? When I was young, the common reply to anger was to sit still and count to ten. It didn’t take away every trace of anger but it did lesson it quite a bit. Updated, taking ten conscious, slow breaths can drain the thoughts that dominate your mind but that’s not enough.

When you clear your mind like this a vacuum remains and if you don’t fill that vacuum quickly, whatever you just let go of will get sucked right back in. So, the golden key is that once you have drained most of the dominant thoughts it is imperative that you start and continue to fill your mind with that which uplifts you. Your favorite thoughts, music, colors, imaginations, positive memories, love, caring, laughter, upliftment, smiling, dancing, yoga, exercise, a cup of tea, a scent that you adore. All these and much more are perfect refills for your mind. A mind that is full of what uplifts you has no room for anything else.  

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