Bon Appetite!

Suppose you really wanted to cook a fantastic meal and you took thirty different recipes and pasted them up all over the kitchen. Suppose you started seriously making four of them, got together the ingredients for ten of them and spent some time researching the rest. When would dinner be ready? Never! What’s going on in this imaginary kitchen is exactly what is going on day in and day out in our minds. We have a bunch of things we are considering, a couple of things we are working on and several things that we are testing and we lament that we can’t manifest what we want.

Not all goals are financial or work related. Making dinner is a goal. You start out by checking with your feelings. “What do I feel like eating? What sounds good?” (Honestly check your feelings) “Oh , I know what would be great!” (Visualize with passion what you decide upon) Next you would check to ascertain that you have what you need to make this feast (Make a plan). Then you would get everything together (Focus). Next would be to actually start the process (Action). Keeping good spirits (Optimism) and taking each step without rushing (patience) all the while imagining the final product ( sustained belief). If anything suddenly changes, you make changes (flexibility) and continue (persistence). There will be things in the oven and different things on different burners but they will all be completely connected to your goal (connectivity). Before long, what you imagined, worked on and focused on becomes a reality. In fact it bears a striking resemblance to what you imagined in the first place.

There is no magic, fate or destiny involved with most of what you want. There are just recipes waiting for you to take the necessary steps and if you take those steps, the outcome is practically assured. It all comes down to picking ONE major goal at a time to work on and following it through to fruition. Stop trying to follow thirty recipes. If you can make even the simplest dinner, you have what it takes to cook up your dreams. Bon Appetite!

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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