Change Something

We want to change some things in our life but we are fearful that if we start changing anything everything will change so we become paralyzed by these two opposing forces.

To overcome this stagnation we have to first understand what we are trying to hold on to so tightly. Do you think a relationship is going to change if you change? Of course it will. If the relationship is based on superficial values it may or may not survive. If it is based on a deep love and caring by both it will survive any change.

Do you think you may regret making any change? Of course you will. You will always reflect on how things use to be and depending upon your mood, you will see it as a positive change or a negative one. Notice that it is “depending upon your mood” and not depending upon the facts.

Do you think you are too old or set in your ways to change? The older we get the more invested in our personal story we are. We imagine a certain strength of character in our consistency. We don’t ever want to appear foolish. Funny though, how much we admire other people when they dare to be a little foolish.

How about we take some chances? How about we dip our toe into the sea of change? How about we volunteer in a new area? How about we have a different conversation? How about we put our judgements and complaining on hold for awhile? How about we wear something that is a little edgy? How about we start being a better version of who we wanted to be.

The rest of your life starts right now. Take a deep breath and begin right now to do whatever you can to make it better. It’s called making a change and you are so ready.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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