Let me introduce you to a special something called courage. It is the most amazing something in the world. It is always with you but never appears unless you believe you have it. It is your belief and only your belief that commands its appearance. Its appearance makes it possible to overcome any obstacle, to change that which looked unchangeable, to face any fear and not back down.

Courage lives in the heart of every being. It is the greatest of gifts and is essential to growth. It is what takes change from being a mental concept to being a new reality. It is a force of immense power and unlimited capabilities.

​ “So, we just believe, access this power and create anything?” Not exactly. As with most things in life, you have to deal with the troll under the bridge in order to cross the bridge. You don’t see the troll, you don’t even sense there is a troll until you have made up your mind and started across the bridge feeling that nothing can stop you. You are in the flow, focused, prepared and going for it.

A couple of confident steps on the bridge and suddenly, the most fearsome troll in the world appears. Fear and anxiety quickly take the place of confidence and sureness. You want to run away and forget all about any idea of crossing that bridge.

At this point many run away but some, believing they have something called courage, keep inching forward. Believing in courage, courage appears and a special strength takes over. Closer and closer the person with courage steps toward the troll until they can see the name on his chest. His name is DOUBT and none may pass without courage.

The troll, sensing that this one has courage, steps aside and the journey for a rare few continues toward dreams and plans and goals.

​ It takes courage to go after your dreams and not get stopped by doubt but if you will believe in yourself, if you will know that your courage will always be there when you need it, if you will just keep inching forward, your life will change for the better this day.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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