Cow Dung

Let’s say you have a jar and it is filled right up to the very tippy top with gold dust. Now suppose that someone wanted to put some cow dung in your jar. What would happen? Absolutely nothing because there would be no room. Now suppose that your jar was only a half or a quarter full and someone wanted to put some cow dung in there. Why, there would be plenty of room and while the gold dust would still be valuable, it would stink as much as the cow dung around it. What does this have to do with you?

When we consider ourselves to be complete, when we are filled with self love and gratitude, there is no room for anyone to put their dung in our lives. When we realize our own divinity and know that the kingdom is within us, there is no room for anything else. When we doubt, when we lose faith in ourselves, when we lose faith in faith, when we can no longer see the good, when we turn away from the positives in our own life, then we leave room for things that do not serve us to enter our lives and stink up our thoughts.

For whatever reason, there are toxic people out there. It is part of everyone’s DNA to share what they have. They will share their toxicity and you will share your love. If they are full of toxicity they will not have room for your love. If you are filled with love you will not have room for their toxins.

If you find yourself recalling hurtful words that were said to you or endlessly replaying the videos of hurtful things that were done to you, you are diminishing your love of your life and making room for their dung.

Anyone who has done any canning will tell you that you don’t leave room at the top of the jar or bacteria will grow and spoil everything inside. Stay full. Think so many positive thoughts of love and gratitude that you absolutely overflow. Stay filled with the joy and wonder of life. Walk your talk and live your truths and when someone tries to give you some dung, just honestly say “No thanks. I have no room for that”.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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