Each and every one of us is dancing to a tune. The really big question is whose music are you dancing to each day? Maybe it’s a boss or maybe it’s a parent or friend or neighbor. Maybe it’s the news or the weather. Maybe it’s a sickness or disease. Maybe it’s a child or maybe it’s regrets. Maybe fear is calling the tune for you to dance to today.

If you are not dancing to your own music you most certainly are dancing to someone’s music because we are all dancing. A “friend” says something hurtful and you dance slow and painful. Your boss yells at you and you dance frightened and insecure. A parent criticizes and you dance small and tearful. The news reports something awful and you dance outraged and boisterous. You feel sick and you dance weak and weary. You get scared and you dance into a safe corner.

Everyone and everything in life is playing a tune and you will dance to the one that is the loudest at the moment UNLESS your music is louder. That’s right, you, like everything else in this world has a tune. With all the chaos of growing up and dancing to so many other people’s tunes you forgot yours. You turned yours way down so that you could learn about other tunes and you eventually forgot yours.

Today is a very special day. Today is the day you are reminded of your music. Today is the day that you get to turn it back up. Your music is about your needs. Your music is about your dreams. Your music is about your aspirations. Your music is about your desires and your pleasures. Your music is about how you want to live. Your music is about your uniqueness and your love. No other music can control you if your music is louder. Turn yours up!

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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