How do you make a decision when you can’t seem to make a decision? Few things in life are as exasperating as coming to a fork in the river and both paths have seemingly equal merit. The river is flowing fast and the choice will soon have to be made! Which one do you take? Which one is a mistake?

You can pray and meditate and contemplate but you will still hear conflicting voices in your head. You can read and research and ask advice but you will only accumulate more evidence for each choice.

We have been conditioned all of our lives to not make mistakes. Mistakes are bad. Mistakes are the difference between success and failure. Mistakes are filled with regrets and the gnashing of teeth. Mistakes diminish who we are. Woe to the person who makes too many mistakes!

Poppycock!! Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are the greatest teachers. Most, if not all, mistakes are realized as blessings as time goes on. The only people who don’t make mistakes are the dead. Living is filled with twists and turns and clouded visions that we interpret as best as we can. Hindsight is the only real clarity and it’s useless.

Faced with a decision, follow your gut and your heart and without hesitation, go for it! Make a decision.There is no adventure, no growth, no story to tell without mistakes. Will you ever be wrong? Of course you will! You are a learning, experiencing, human being.

Some decisions will feel good right away and others will have to go through the process of first being labeled a mistake until time and wisdom rewrites it as a blessing.

So go ahead and choose. You can’t lose.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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