Into every life, indecision will descend like a thick fog completely obscuring our clarity. We beg, plead and pray for a sign, any sign. We ask friends, loved ones and Google to help us make the right choice. Paralysis starts to creep in. Weeping may come but won’t help. A full range of emotions comes but the fog persists.

It seems that the more important the outcome, the stronger the indecision becomes. Do I? Don’t I? It consumes you after a while and finally you reach that moment when you must decide and ….you still don’t know!

First of all, know this. You CAN’T make the wrong decision. Even no decision isn’t the wrong decision. EVERY decision you make or don’t make is another building block in your life. You are going to make decisions that don’t turn out the way you expect and you are going to find strength you didn’t know you had in order to make it better (Growth). You are going to make decisions that turn out right but you are going to brag about it and lose friends (Growth). You are going to forego making a decision and regret it (Growth). You are going to make decisions and they will be the best thing that ever happened to you (Growth). You are going to influence the way others see you with the way you decide(Growth).

Life is all about growth and growth is the product of every decision. When faced with a decision, go ahead and make it. Make it with gusto. Make it with certainty whether you feel it or not. If you are wrong you’ll learn humility. If you are right you look like a boss. Either way you’ll grow. Every single person, pant and creature on this planet is born to grow. You will never be an exception to that. Go ahead make a decision. You can’t get it wrong. On your mark, get set, GROW!

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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