Go ahead, roll a big pearl down an incline and watch what happens. It rolls perfectly in a straight line picking up speed as it goes. Now roll a big diamond down that same incline and watch what happens. It rolls erratically if at all and picks up no great speed. The pearl is the winner right? Technically yes if we look at just one comparison but would anyone be considered wise for tossing away the diamond and pocketing the pearl after this comparison? Of course not because we know that while a diamond is never going to win a downhill race, in the light it dazzles and leaves us in awe. Every facet , which would be an imperfection in a pearl, is part of its dazzling beauty.

What have you been comparing yourself to? Was it the really popular guy or girl or maybe it was the athlete or the star student or maybe the partner in your relationship or your firm. Maybe your comparison is with a family member or next door neighbor. Is it a fair comparison? No one would pay much attention to a race between a diamond and a pearl and neither should you.

You are a diamond and the only reason that you don’t see your worth is because you feel around in the dark and all you sense are these sharp edges that go nowhere. They just stop and start, hundreds of them. You look out into the world and see smooth pearls and you hide in the dark with your “imperfections”.

THEY ARE NOT IMPERFECTIONS! THEY ARE FACETS! Step out into the light and you will dazzle us all. Step out into the light and sparkle and shine. Everything that you have been through, every mistake you have made, everything you have learned is a facet. There is nothing wrong with you. You are made of the strongest stuff in the universe. If someone doesn’t see your worth, that’s their misfortune. Don’t compare yourself to pearls and don’t hide. Stay in the light and sparkle.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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