Drama is a over exaggeration of a life event. Sure it looks great on the big screen or stage where we often recognize in the actors that which we can’t see in ourself. Take for instance a play where a child disappoints a parent and the parent reacts as if they have just lost the will to live.

 How many times have we blown out of proportion our reaction to an innocent or an off handed remark? How many times have we given an oscar worthy performance when we felt ignored by someone we love? How many times have we become even more dramatic when we are told that we are being too dramatic?

 There is no place in our life for personal drama. All it shows is that we have lost our faith in being able to explain our reaction to an event in words from our heart. Just like spanking seems so much more efficient then taking the time to talk and educate, drama too is a non-loving response.

 We don’t get into personal drama because it feels good, quite the contrary it feels more and more draining the longer it goes on. Sure, in the beginning it seems clever and warranted but as it grows it starts needing lies and exaggerations to keep it from becoming transparent. Our voice, our demeanor and our posture must also fall in line with the farce. 

There is no way to stop the personal drama of others but there is every possibility of ridding yourself of this toxic reaction. Resist the temptation of personal drama. Embrace reality. Embrace the facts. Speak your feelings after you have centered yourself. There is no need to ever become an actor in your relationships. Over reacting is not communication. It’s a ploy to manipulate another person.Be you, wonderful, compassionate, loving you. Drama on the stage is for entertainment. Drama in your personal life is a childish form of communication and there’s no oscar for that.

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