For far too long we have communicated with our unhappiness. We have learned that if we mope about, if we look downtrodden, if we look upset or agitated, someone will eventually ask us what is wrong.

We have learned not to announce what hurts us. We have learned not to respond to unkind words or gestures. We have learned to walk away rather than stand and correct someone.

​ Instead we look down, assume a poor posture and avoid eye contact. Monosyllabic answers can put the finishing touches on our portrayal of someone who is hurt. “Oh, please ask us why we look like this!”

Can we please unlearn this? Can we learn to speak of our hurt when it is felt rather than assuming something worthy of a theatrical performance? Can we drop the drama and speak up?

​ Can we learn to speak up for ourselves right away? Can we learn not to be dissuaded by the reply to our new found strength? “Oh, I was just joking” “Boy, you are sensitive” ” You’re making a big deal out of nothing” “You’ve got it all wrong” “You misunderstood what I meant”.

When our lack of courage to speak up becomes drama instead, that drama is a sign of weakness. That drama is the tell tale sign of one who cannot summon the strength to confront the issue, resolve the issue one way or another and put it behind them. That drama is the bit of debris left over from a crisis that the weak cling to, forgetting that they won’t drown if they let it go.

Let this be the year of getting stronger. Let this be the year that your feelings are not hidden behind sugar coated words or theatrics. Let this be the year that you speak your truth every time. Be kind but be honest. Now is a very good time to start being who you always wanted to be.

To a stronger, drama free you in 2015! Cheers!

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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