You know exactly how it feels to drive a car. Now imagine for a moment that you were physically hard wired into your car. Imagine that you could completely experience everything the car did. You could actually feel the tires gripping the road. You could feel the road surface as if you were feeling it with your hand. You could feel the wind flowing over your aerodynamic curves. You could actually feel the power and performance of the engine. You were at one with the diagnostics of the car, constantly sensing and monitoring every function.

If this imagining could be true, how much would you like to experience? Would you rush to find out how different roads felt? How about feeling what it would be like to push everything to the maximum? Would you want to experience different temperatures, different weather and different obstacles? How about fast lanes or off road? Would you like to see what different fuels did to your performance?

OR would you like to park in the garage and just idle for years? Maybe when you got bored you could make the garage better or bigger. The car wouldn’t get dirty and you wouldn’t get lost and you wouldn’t need to take any detours but is that a good reason to have a car? Of course not.

You and I are spirits who inhabit physical bodies very much like a driver hard wired into an automobile. We feel and experience everything our bodies do. Our bodies, like our cars won’t last forever but while we have them there is this great desire to feel and experience everything we can. When we settle into a rut or negate some opportunity to experience life, we lock ourselves into a garage.

Cars were meant to be driven and people were meant to be alive. No one knows the exact time and day that our car or our body will stop running but while we have the ability to drive, to live, let’s make the most of it. Plan a road trip. Plan a life trip. Drive! Live! Stay out of the garage.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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