How do you fill yourself? I don’t mean filling an empty belly or filling your mouth with whipped cream from a pressurized container. I mean How Do You Fill Yourself Up When You Feel Empty??

‚Äč Your heart beats to a rhythm. Your inhalation and exhalation is a rhythm. One of the best ways to fill yourself up is to embrace music. There are an infinite number of sounds. Find one (or more!) that takes you to a higher level and feast on it.

Everything from a blade of grass to the paper cut on your finger healing is a miracle. Look up and down and around and appreciate all that you see. Fill yourself with the awe of the energy inherent in all of it.

One of the emptiest feelings is not feeling loved. You can’t make anyone love you but you can love anybody. Once you start loving the flow starts and the love you give becomes the love you feel.

When we pray we connect with the source of all things. What better place than the source for refilling? The quickest refill is when we pray with a giant Thank You instead of a laundry list of our problems.

A world of beauty, kindness and love is all around you. Search for it. Drink it in. Feast on it. Fill yourself at every opportunity. Look for the good. It’s very filling.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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