“Nothing will grow there. There’s no sunlight and it’s always damp.” And a mushroom grows. “We can only go as fast as the fastest ship.” And the airplane is invented. “This pill will have no effect because it is a placebo.” And someone taking it is cured. “This animal will be put to sleep in the shelter tonight.” And someone adopts her.

We live in an amazing world of possibilities and exceptions. There is nothing that is impervious to sudden change or reversal. Most of us can call to mind a person who recovered from a serious cancer, a woman who positively couldn’t get pregnant and did, a kid who had trouble in school and turned out to be a role model later on, the homely girl who turns out to be a stunning beauty. Are these the exceptions? Yes! And they do exist. There is no condition in life that is 100% certain and that my friends is the birthplace of hope and where there is life there is always hope.

Years back I had an old car that regularly wouldn’t start with just the turn of the key. Sometimes it did but most times it didn’t. When it did, all was right with the world. When it didn’t the cussin’ and the yelling would start and I would get out and push it for a bit and then jump in and pop the clutch and sometimes it would roar to life and all was right with the world again. Other times it wouldn’t. I’d get out time and time again and push it again and jump in and pop the clutch again and nothing would happen and I’d have to repeat the whole process complete with the yelling and the cussin’. The reason I kept trying was because I knew that if I just kept at it, one of those times it would start and all would be well. Sooner or later it always did.

Whatever you are trying to do, no matter how slim the chances or how many times you have to start over, don’t give up. It’s okay if there’s a bit of yelling and cussin’ but don’t give up. Yes, this world is full of possibilities and exceptions but they rarely just happen. Most often they happen because somebody kept trying and refused to give up. Be that somebody.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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