Faith in You

Faith is believing in some thing or some one. It seems so easy to have faith in any number of things and yet it seems to be so difficult to have faith in ourselves.

‚Äč There are people who believe in you. There are people who believe that you are capable of wonderful things. There are people who have given you second and third and more chances. Why? Because all these people have faith in you. Are they wrong? What do they see that you don’t see?

You are a winner. You have made it through diseases, cuts, bruises, relationship breakups, loss, betrayal, bullies, school, moving, pain, struggles both big and small and you are still here. Not only are you still here but you are wiser and mentally stronger than you have ever been.

You don’t have faith in you because you focus on what went wrong, what didn’t work out, who didn’t help you. You’re looking at your losses and shortcomings and the people who love you are looking at how you bounced back and what you have learned.

It’s time to regain that faith in yourself. It’s time to take into account that you have made it this far because you are an integral part of your world. You are necessary. You actually do make a difference. Let go of all that darkens your life.

This moment begins the rest of your life. Reach for gratitude and appreciation in whatever amounts you can muster. Believe, have faith that the greatest part of your life is just beginning. It’s true.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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