We cry. We beg. We make deals. We say we will do anything to find the solutions to our problems. We get very good at seeing our problems from every angle. We get very good at articulating our problem. We get very good at problem explaining. In fact we get so good that the solution, if it does exist, has no room to enter.

If a problem has a solution we must open a place for it’s appearance. Edison used to take a nap when no solution could be found and many times he would wake with the solution. If we keep intently focusing on the heads side of a coin we would never see the tails side even though it is so very, very close. The problem itself usually resides in chaos. The solution usually resides in relaxation. You cannot find them both in the same place.

But what if there is no solution? Understanding that there is no solution is an answer too. In that case get on with finding the courage to live with the unknowing. Maybe the solution will show up at a later date and maybe not. 

You do not have a magic wand. You are not the highest ranking being in the universe. There is a great power that “knows”. The problems in your life are for you to work on and for you to coexist with when necessary. 

If I may quote one of my favorite Sundrops – “The effort is up to you but the outcome is up to God.” Being okay with that is called Faith and Faith is a great source of both solutions and courage. Relax and give it a try. 


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