Five things

There has never been so much to think about and there has never been so many avenues of information instantly available to us. What is very important one minute is easily cast aside for something more important that just showed up in a text, email or newsfeed. What can we do about it?

No one can concentrate on so many things and stay sane but everyone can concentrate on just five things:

1) LOVE -This is it, the golden choice. Focus on love as often as you can all day every day. Ask yourself – “If I were filled with love right now what would I do? What choice would I make?”

2) CLARITY – If you can’t see things clearly, your success in any area will be limited. Ask yourself -“Am I blinded by my emotions or beliefs? Is this how I feel or is it how I was taught to feel?

3) STRENGTH -Never underestimate how much your physical strength influences your mental strength. Ask yourself – “What would feeling stronger do to my self confidence? What can I do every day to get stronger?”

4) WELLNESS – No one feels fine every single day of their lives. Ask yourself – “Are my thoughts, lifestyle and habits a positive or negative? How can I improve on all three?”

5) GRATITUDE – Whining and complaining and grumbling eclipse all the good in our lives. Ask yourself – ” What’s great about my life right now? What is actually working well for me?”

The blaring headlines will try to get you to seek more information on the horrors du jour and the screens will beckon for your undivided, mindless attention and the algorithms will make sure you see more and more funny memes and cute pics but you have the POWER TO CHOOSE. Choose to focus on these five words. They can take you to a world where you are focused, alive and happy. And you know what? You deserve that!

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 Patrick McBride

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