Freedom From Conflict

There is a freedom that you should know about. It’s a freedom that you were never taught and you won’t see it emblazoned on any Fourth of July floats but it can open the door to your happiness.
This freedom is freedom from conflict. No, not wars and such but freedom from conflict in your house, in your family, in your workplace. Conflict is nothing but a game of Tug O’ War. That’s right, you pull in one direction as hard as you can and someone else does the same in an opposite direction. You wear yourself out and you accomplish nothing, nada, zilch.
Here’s the good part.You have the freedom to drop the rope. You have the freedom to be free of conflict. It doesn’t matter one iota how the other person reacts. You are not the loser because you dropped the rope so don’t act like one. You have gained mastery over the situation. You are free! You get to choose happiness for yourself right now. You get to say that your personal happiness is more important than any conflict. All these little dramas are what stand in the way of you realizing your happiness and blessings. Get rid of them! You have the ability, the freedom to choose. Only when you drop the rope of conflict are your hands open to receive more blessings. Smile and be happy now.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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