You look out at the world and you are frustrated. You look at your bank balance and you are frustrated. You look at your smaller clothes in the closet and you are frustrated. It is not your physical condition or the condition of things around you that is making your life less than joyful. It is actually your frustration that keeps you mired in negativity. The world? It is actually getting better day by day. Check any history book about any era. It’s now better than that. Bank balance? It is always a measure of your frustration. Weight? Did you put on extra pounds because you ate too much dirt? No, you ate too many things that tasted absolutely yummy at the moment. Celebrate the joy you felt.

Remember – You will always be paralyzed by your frustration. You will always be liberated by your celebration. Celebrate that children are being born, people are falling in love, birthdays, anniversaries are happening all over the world. Flowers are blooming somewhere, someone is having the best laugh of their life right now. Somebody is finding a cure for someone’s suffering. That plane you see in the sky is going to reunite people that love each other. Celebrate those people with great tests results either in a classroom or a doctor’s office. Celebrate every joy you have ever experienced. Actively search for things to celebrate. It is a quest filled with joy. Do you want to increase your bank balance and decrease your waist? If you woke up this morning you can start to accomplish both. Celebrate waking up this morning. Celebrate those you love waking up this morning.

There is always so much to celebrate and the benefit of all celebration is gratitude and gratitude is the universal key to happiness and happiness causes more celebration and the circle is complete. It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. Celebrate what is in it.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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