Giving Advice

Go ahead and give advice. You’ve experienced quite a bit of life and you should share what you have learned and you should try to help. BUT there are a few rules. First, yes you are eminently qualified to give advice but sometimes a friend needs a good listener way more than they need a good advice giver. Second, what they do with your advice is totally up to them. It’s like giving half of your bagel to someone. They are free to eat it or keep it for later or throw it out when you aren’t around. Third, have patience. Sometimes your advice is a flower that they enjoy right away and sometimes your advice is a seed that will sprout later under better conditions. Fourth, you should never guilt or cajole someone into following your advice. You could be wrong. Fifth and final, always, always, always love them no matter what they do with your advice. You’ve been where they are or you would have had no advice to give. And if you’ve been there you know how important it is to feel loved.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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