God’s Electricity

If your toaster wasn’t working this morning would you go to the power generating plant in your city and start looking for what was wrong? Would you start cursing the power plant for your lack of toast? It seems preposterous but that is exactly what we do when our lives lack the “electricity” to make us feel good, to manifest the things we desire, to make things go in our favor, to be happy. Where does the “electricity” come from? Most will say God and I agree but if God is unlimited in “electricity” and we are lacking, where’s the disconnect? Where is the wiring to our toaster broken?

Grace or God’s “electricity” is flowing all the time. When we feel it, we feel invincible and unlimited. We are in the flow and everything seems possible. We greet others with a smile. We counsel others not to feel down. We encourage every new attempt that is being made. We overlook petty annoyances. We look favorably upon our past and our future. We see the good everywhere. We see positive outcomes to everything.

So, if we want the “electricity” and God is always showering us with the “electricity” where’s the disconnect? Why isn’t our toaster working? The answer is in the second sentence of the second paragraph above. The secret is that we have to feel it! Our toaster isn’t working because it’s not turned on!! Your job isn’t to generate the “electricity”. You job is to put yourself in the proper frame of mind to accept and feel the “electricity”. And the most amazing, gratitude inducing fact is that there is an unlimited amount of “electricity” and we have an infinite capacity for using it. All we have to do is stay turned on to life.

Take literally 15 seconds right now and close your eyes and become aware of your breath and imagine being filled with God’s “electricity” right this moment. This one moment will change your day.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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