Got Problems?

“I’m wet! I’m wet!” and the child keeps running around crying and yelling for an answer to being uncomfortably wet. Meanwhile the parent is saying over and over again “Come over here. I’ll change you into some dry clothes.” But the child can’t hear the parent’s request because the child is so completely captivated by their problem. Sound familiar?

Oh, I don’t mean does this bring up memories of children in similar situations. I’m talking about you and me all grown up and still, at times, running around shouting our problem to the world, oblivious to any answer.

In this world there are problems and there are solutions. Problems and solutions never occur together because if they did they would cancel each other out immediately. Once you understand the problem it is imperative to get away from the problem and seek the solution. That is one of the premier ways we grow.

We don’t have to constantly repeat our problem in prayer either. Heaven is not hard of hearing nor is it forgetful. A continuing prayer to see or hear a solution is all that is necessary.

The eight steps to find the solution to any problem are to 1) Understand the problem. 2) Quit blubbering and whining. 3) Quit running around shouting your problem to the world. 4) Relax, really relax. 5) Pray/ask for a solution 6) BELIEVE that the answer is forthcoming 7) Be THANKFUL that it is. 8) When you get it, share your solution with others and be unattached to what they do with that information.

Truth – there will never be an end to your problems. They are an essential part of every life. EVERYONE is working on at least one or two so take it easy on each other.

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