Got Problems?

(Got problems?)

If a problem persists in your life, then at some point you must come to realize that in order to find the solution you have to change where you have been looking. The solution you seek is not going to come out of some notebook of past solutions that you have been keeping. The new solution is going to be found by going down different paths and entertaining new ideas and yes, getting a little scared in the process. It’s called growing.

As we get older, our bag of solutions, if not continually updated, gets ineffective and so we resign ourselves to having problems that have no solutions. Nothing could be further from the truth. THERE IS NO PROBLEM IN THE UNIVERSE WITHOUT A CORRESPONDING SOLUTION!

From this day forward, stop focusing on problems and start becoming solution oriented. Stop using your energy to strengthen your problems! Stop fighting against life and start working with it. Stop being against so many things and start being for what you want. You don’t have problems to fix, you have solutions to strengthen. Stop cursing the night and start celebrating the coming dawn.

Any problem, whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental is just another opportunity to grow. Do you have a problem with health, relationships or money? Don’t fight it and don’t give up. Solve it. Maybe you haven’t been able to find the solution looking in all the old places well, guess what? It’s time to search some new places. What if you don’t have any support? Explore anyway. You are responsible for you. Find your own answers and embrace them. It’s scary and wonderful and exciting and amazing and best of all – you can do it!

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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