Happy New Year!

Every good day starts with an uplifting thought and the first days of the New Year are great ones to influence. The Sundrops On Life books can really help. Give them to someone who matters to you. Maybe you! Order at www.PatrickInspires.com.
Tonight at midnight a door to change will open because so many believe that it will. With so many believing that this is the moment to begin anew, to caste aside old habits, to change the direction of their lives, to pursue their dreams that it makes this moment absolutely magical. The only question you have to ask yourself is “Am I courageous enough to walk through that door of change tonight and close it behind me and start moving towards my dreams?”.
Use tonight’s energy to kick start your dreams. Use it to wash away the haze of indecision that has surrounded you. Use it to light up the path to where you want to go. Your future really starts now and right now you are being asked to set the course for the rest of your life. This midnight is an great opportunity but opportunity without commitment and action is a boat tied to the dock. Do you go below decks and put it off again or do you put up all of your sails and instead of being afraid of change, you let the winds of change fill them and cast off?
It’s going to be uncomfortable at times but never look back. Set your sights on your dreams and sail on! Will you make it? Maybe. Will you have really lived? Definitely!
Happy New Year and may this be the best one so far. Love and Blessings, Patrick
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