What makes a holiday different from other days? It has the same 24 hours, the same sunrise and sunset. It is different because you and I treat it differently.There is nothing that you did yesterday that couldn’t be done on any Saturday or Sunday if those are your days off. On a day like yesterday we step out of routine. We ALLOW ourselves to do different things or maybe nothing at all. We make it feel freer than a “regular” day. The specialness has little to do with the calendar and much to do with our state of mind. Why can’t we feel that way all the time? We can! Oh, every day we can’t run off to the beach or barbecue in the afternoon or stroll in the park but we can feel freer. We can decide that this day and every day is going to be less routine and more inventive. We can decide that each and every day of our lives is going to contain a bit more happiness. We can decide that every day of our life deserves some down time, some reflecting time and some ease. We can decide to be lighter even on a “regular” day.
We may not be able to give ourselves a holiday every week but we can give ourselves some holiday time every day.

Copywrite 2010 Patrick McBride


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