Hope or quit

At what number do you quit? You’ve tried and tried but you haven’t seen the results.You’ve prayed for something over and over but so far nada, nothing, zilch. At what number do you quit? You’ve tried to lose weight, quit an addiction, turn your life around but you haven’t made any meaningful progress. At what number do you quit? You’ve tried to get a job, get a relationship, get recognition but so far nothing. At what number do you quit?
There is a finite time between this moment and the moment that you will take your last breath in this body. In that time there will be chances to try and chances to quit. At what number do you quit? You don’t have to know that number because as soon as you give up hope, you quit. You see, if your hope is gone after the first try or the hundredth try, that’s when you effectively quit. It doesn’t matter if you keep trying , it’s over.
If you feel any hope whatsoever, than try, try with all of your heart and soul until the hope disappears or you have the results you are after. Some roads end and it is foolish to continue and some roads you have to wait until what you perceive is the end to see that it turns and continues. Check your trying for hope. If it’s there keep going. If it’s not, quit that and try something hopeful.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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