Those moments of darkness that seem endless and unrelenting can steal the will to live from anyone. Hope is that life preserver that Heaven sends to you when you feel like giving up and just sinking under the waves. What exactly is this life preserver that we call hope?

Hope is a bridge between where you don’t want to be and where you do want to be. No one lives on a bridge and no one can live forever on hope. When hope comes to you realize that you have been given a priceless gift. Realize too that this gift asks something of you in return.

Cling to hope, embrace hope, give thanks for hope for it is a gift like no other but know that hope wants you to to swim to faith. Faith is that conviction that all really is going according to plan and that EVERYTHING that happens is directed by a greater power. Faith is the place where you can live and rest and grow and not just tread water.

If you feel like you are over your head in pain or problems or broken promises, find hope. Hope is waiting for you in the thoughts of long shot winners and miracles and sudden cures. Swim with that hope until you find faith. You will know you have found it when your problems seem lighter and a different perspective seems to suddenly appear.

Hope first changes your thinking and then it changes your world.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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