How Strong?

How strong are you? Well, let’s see. You made it through your birth. That was no small feat. You made it through the first three years of your life. That included some scary moments but you made it. You left the daily security of home and ventured out into the world to school and to interactions with total strangers and you got stronger.

You fell in love and got your heart broken and you kept going. You wanted some things so badly that you thought you would die if you didn’t get them. You didn’t get them and you didn’t die. You got stronger.

You got sick and it changed the way you looked at life. You lost friends and relatives. Some because they left your life and some because they left this life. You cried and thought your world wouldn’t go on but it did. You got stronger.

You learned many things and believed many things and defended many things and then changed your mind. You got betrayed and lied to and you got weak for a bit but then you got even stronger.

You finally understood that loving yourself and being kind to yourself and forgiving yourself were the keys to being happy. It wasn’t really about anyone or anything else and you got a lot stronger.

How strong are you? You are stronger than you were in all of your yesterdays and now you are strong enough to help others find their strength. That’s really strong!

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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