Human Race

We are all humans and this is the human race. There are no winners or losers. It is a race with a separate finish line for each individual and we will all make it to our individual finish lines. So, if there are no winners or losers, what is the purpose of this race? The purpose of this race is the sheer excitement and joy of participating. It’s not about putting your blinders on and your head down and going as fast as you can. It’s about looking around. It’s about meeting others. It’s about helping others. It’s about being helped. It’s about love.

We’ve been sold a story that the only true fulfillment comes from excelling. More, more, more. More money, more fabulous vacations, more stuff, even our health has to border on immortality. Odds are that very few people beyond your social and family circle are even going to know that you lived. Odds are that you are going to have your share of hard times and disappointments. Thrillingly though, odds are that you are going to know love. Odds are that people will come to you for advice and help.

When people come to you for help you are going to feel something inside of you rejoicing at the opportunity. You will suddenly realize that you really, really, really want to help. It makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like there is a reason for your being. All of the hard times and disappointments suddenly make sense. You couldn’t possibly help without experiencing them.

Your purpose, my purpose, everyone’s purpose is to experience all that we can in order to help others. When you do that, all of your experiences become part of their learning and in turn becomes part of their teaching when the time comes for them to help.

Life is not about winning or success. It is about harvesting the seeds of your experiences and planting them everywhere you go. Your name will be forgotten in a few generations but you will live on in the seeds you gathered and planted.

The question is not how will you excel. The question is how much will you love? Set your mind to making life better for those around you especially the children. Forget about what others expect of you and tune in to what your heart expects of you and where your heart is leading you. Look around. There is a lot of loving to be done between here and the finish line.


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