Can you feel good when you are feeling bad? It is vitally important to your growth to feel bad when you are feeling bad. To try to sugar coat loss or betrayal or hurt is counter productive to growth and learning.To stand in quicksand and visualize that you are standing on a sandy beach in the Caribbean is foolish at best.

When something hurts, acknowledge that hurt. Take some time to ascertain if there is anything you could have done to avoid the hurt. Take some time to ascertain what is to be learned from this hurt. Take some time to ascertain when and where your healing should commence and then act upon those answers.

Every physical hurt from a paper cut to major surgery will, if you stay alive, heal. Every mental and emotional hurt will, if you stay alive, heal. The key words here are “if you stay alive”.

Staying alive is not just having a pulse. There are plenty of people walking around with a pulse but are not really living. Staying alive means that you feel everything but you are selective in what feelings you hold on to for a long time. Feelings of hurt have lessons that last forever but all hurt has an expiration date. To hold onto a hurt past its expiration spoils staying alive.

Feel the hurt, feel the pain, feel your world upended. Feel it fully and completely. Accept the gift of growth. Make the necessary changes and move on. Having been hurt says I have lived. Letting go says I am stronger than any hold that any hurt has on me.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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