I Believe

What do you believe? I’m not talking about a particular deity or a particular spiritual practice. I’m not even talking about science or politics. No, I’m asking you a question that is much more important. What do you believe about you? Well, today’s your lucky day. I just happen to have some answers for you. Let me tell you what I believe about you.

You saw the world differently than others when you were small. You could tell when people were lying. You could tell when people honestly liked you and when there was no connection. I believe you still can. You grew up and you felt and endured hurt from others but you kept it to yourself. I believe you can let it go now. You felt bad when you bent to someones will. I believe you are stronger than that now. You knew there was a path for you but it kept disappearing. I believe you are on it now. You want to help make life easier for others. I believe you always have and you will continue to do so. You want to love and be loved in return. I believe you are loved far more than you know. You want someone to completely understand you. I believe that person is inside of you and not outside of you.

I believe that you want to make changes in your health and wealth and I believe you can. I believe that today might be the most important day of your life because I believe that you will look back on this very day and say that was the day I started to appreciate myself. I believe that today you are going to find that indomitable place inside of you and you are going to identify with it. I believe that what you think that people think about you is no where near as important as what you think about you. I believe that you are going to find out just how wonderful you are very soon. I believe that you believe.

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