Imagination is one of the strongest tools we have in creating the life we want. But imagination has a dark side too.

Imagination is creating a scenario in your mind. Every object whether it be a toothpick or a skyscraper started off in the imagination of someone who then paired it with action and Voila! a toothpick or a skyscraper or anything else.

Sounds like a wonderful, creative force filled with infinite possibilities. So where is the dark side of imagination?

When we look into our future and use our imagination anything and everything is possible. BUT when we look into our past and use our imagination nothing other than what actually happened is possible.

The dark side of imagination is in trying to create a different past. The past is written and not one letter can be changed. It is the journey of a fool to use imagination to envision a different past. “What if I had said this or done that differently?” ” What if he did this or she did that?”

The past is done, done, done! Every moment you try rewriting it, you lose a precious moment of being able to actually create a better future.The past holds no more possibilities. Be done with it. If you can’t see the past as it actually was, don’t go there!

Imagine your best future. Stand tall and always look straight ahead. See with your imagination and paired with action, you’ll soon see it with your eyes. A better life starts right now in your imagination. Imagine that!

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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