Independence is a great big powerful word. Some people and countries will shun it and other people and countries will die trying to attain it. History books are filled with these quests. But what does it take for us, each of us, to be independent? Does it mean that we stand alone needing no one? Hardly. The moment you were born you became dependent on someone else for food and that really hasn’t changed all that much. Pop a cashew into your mouth or bite into a peach or have a bit of wild rice with your salmon. If no one else on earth was involved, how long would it take you to do that on your own?

Real independence is not just about food. It’s being able to think for yourself. Real independence is making your own decisions and yes, making your own mistakes. Real independence is seeing yourself in the best, most favorable light and saying “Yes, that is exactly who I am!”. Real independence is saying “This is what I believe because it resonates deep in my heart and soul. It may not match anyone else’s beliefs but no one else eats for me or sleeps for me or breathes for me, so if I can do those things on my own, I can think on my own!”

There is no one in the world that is better than you. There is no one else in this world that is in charge of your happiness. There is no one in this world that has the right to yell at you, belittle you or harm you mentally, physically or emotionally nor do you have the right to do it to anyone else. That’s freedom.

Many, many people have been wounded and tortured and killed in their quest for independence. Honor them for they have shown you freedom’s importance. Honor them by throwing off your mental chains and standing tall, free and independent.

There was a time when you were dependent on teachers and parents for your beliefs, truths and decisions but if they did their job properly, that time has passed. Now you can imagine the brightest possible future for yourself and you can find a road that goes there or you can create one yourself.

You are free. You can think and act for yourself. You can make the most of your life. If you want to be happy, you can be happy. You are, by God, independent. Embrace it!

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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