Knocking at the door

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If Love knocked on your door, would you open it? Most of us would answer this question with a loud, resounding “YES!” but is it the truth? Oh, we say we want love. We say we want the bliss and the feel good feelings that love brings. We say we want to be surrounded by and filled up with love but would we even hear that knock?

If love was knocking at the door, would we be too busy looking in the mirror and complaining about how we look? Would we be too busy watching the TV for the latest news on what horrible thing happened to someone somewhere? Would we be be too busy finding out who’s at the gym or on vacation on Facebook? Would we be too busy playing solitaire or other games?

The fact is that Love is always knocking on your door. Love wants to come in and show you how it feels to have it around, the focus of your attention. Love wants to embrace you, protect you and enliven you. It wants to work through you to paint and write and sing and dance and make other people happy. It wants to heal you.

The fact is that we are too busy to hear the knock on the door. We are too busy to pay attention to the longing in our heart for that knock on the door. We are too busy looking for something to temporarily feel like love.

The answer is to turn off the TV, step away from the mirror, close the refrigerator, shut down the computer, take a deep breath or two and relax even if it is for five or ten minutes. In those minutes start thinking about all you are grateful for and I promise you will hear a familiar knock on the door. Open it and smile.

(c)2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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