Every Sunday we meet for a guided meditation, a talk and for the pleasure of being with each other. There is usually a few minutes of guided meditation and then several minutes of silent meditation. It’s easy but yesterday it was the easiest ever. It started with a small joke and then another and then another and soon there were great tears of laughter and belly laughs. When the laughter finally quieted but the smiles remained we closed our eyes for the meditation and beautifully slipped into a blissful state. When I checked the clock we had gone several minutes over the allotted time and no one, including myself, had noticed. 

I bring up this wonderful meeting because it is a fact that everything is better when we laugh. The plague of modern society is not our overwhelming busyness but our apparent need to dwell on what we deem the serious side of life. Our talk is infused with judgements of people and conditions. Our entertainment is rife with gladiator type sports and movies that blow things up.

Are we happier because we are aware of the ills of the world? Do we spread news of suffering and injustice because we are doing something about it or because it makes for an “interesting” topic for our conversation? 

We all have to admit that there are dark places and people on this planet but to focus on them exclusively excluding the lighter places and people is to bury ourselves in a mire of negativity. 

Find something or someone that makes you laugh, not at the expense of other people but because there are many, many things in this world that are really funny! Embrace the lighter side of life for a while. Shed a tear of laughter and share a tear of laughter. Remind yourself to lighten up. Give yourself permission to feel good. Look at the bright side, the beauty, the funniness of life, of pets, of children. Do something every day that lightens your spirit.

 When you laugh, when you lighten up, life becomes easier and this world becomes a little brighter. You were meant to be a lighthouse and not a shadow. 

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