Do you like leftovers? A day or two after a meal they still taste good. In fact, sometimes they taste even better. Well then how about the leftovers of a really terrible meal? A day or two later they probably taste worse if possible. Would you partake? Of course not.

A really bad meal can’t be forgotten but do you dwell upon it? Weeks from now will you still be seriously thinking about it? Will it define all of your cooking and eating experiences? Will you stop eating because of what happened? Of course not.

When something goes sour in our life, a job, a relationship, a project, a dream, a move, it’s just like that bad meal. It seemed like a good idea to eat it but it turned out to be a bad decision. You feel bad for a while maybe even a long while and then it’s over. You learn to be a little more cautious and you put it behind you AND YOU MOVE ON.

The bad meals in your life are not the norm. The bad days in your life are not the norm. We have a tendency to let a bad day turn into a bad week by constantly bringing it to mind and mentally reliving it. We wouldn’t constantly think about a bad meal we have had every time we sat down to eat. Why not? Because it would taint the meal we are about to eat. Similarly, by replaying a poor decision we made in the past we taint the day in front of us.

We can never forget what we have experienced but we can choose the mental movies we replay. Some will make your day and some will ruin it. Choose wisely. There are ALWAYS better thoughts to think.

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