What will be your legacy of greatness? Will you be remembered for your great wealth, your dangerous explorations, your amazing discoveries? Probably not. 

Your legacy of greatness will be all about how you acted under trying circumstances. Were you a great complainer, worrier or whiner? Oh, they will definitely talk and laugh about that after you’re gone. 

 Maybe you were a great practitioner of patience under trying circumstances. They will tell great stories and laugh about how you patiently waited and waited before you made any necessary changes.

Maybe, just maybe, you will be remembered because you had great kindness and great love under any and all circumstances. They will tell great stories of your selfless acts and no one will laugh and many will sniffle and wipe tears away. They will tell how when you didn’t feel well and everything looked bleak you shared your light and not the darkness. Maybe they will tell about how you inspired people with your gentle encouragement. Maybe they will even tell how you were the only one that loved them. Maybe they will say that your memory will always comfort them.

 At some point in time everything you now think of as yours will be in the garbage or in someone’s possession and they will consider it theirs. Your legacy is what you will leave behind and will remain yours. Your legacy hasn’t been written yet and you still have time to change it. Start walking your talk. Start improving your outlook regardless of what is going on. Take good care of yourself. Be an inspiration. Be accepting of other people’s foibles. Be less quick to anger or to criticize. Love more. Be better. Leave a legacy of real greatness.

Patrick McBride’s Sundrops On Life 

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