Let go of the past

No matter how much we would like to change or fix something in the past, it is truly impossible. The past is written in cement and that cement has dried and set. What good then are regrets and remorse and self punishment? NONE!! They serve absolutely no positive influence on your present or on your future. They can, however, be used as guilt whips by yourself or another.
As soon as you find the strength to drop your own guilt whip , they will also disappear from the hands of others. What you have come to peace with in your own self cannot be used against you by anyone else.
A life without regrets does not mean a life without consequences. You are responsible for each and every one of your actions but once the lesson is learned, let it go. There is no reason to carry around and to keep rereading the test that you failed.
You can’t rewrite the past but you can rewrite your plans for your future based on your past. Plan to be a more loving person than you have ever been. Plan to be happier than you have ever been. Plan to help others more than you ever have. Perfection can only be found inside of you. Outside, there will be a test failure every now and then. Learn and release.
As I told a dear friend yesterday, you have not screwed up – you have lived!

c 2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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