Let go

Is it a sign of great strength to hold on to a hot frying pan handle? Is it a sign of courage to pick up something that is way too heavy for you? Is it a sign of bravery to hold on to a mad bull’s tail? And one more…Is it a sign of loving yourself to hold on to the hurts from your past?

​ Sometimes the smartest and most effective thing you can do is to let go. I don’t mean forget because unless you get some form of dementia you will never forget but you can learn to let go.

You let go of the frying pan and it still hurts for a while but you don’t pick it up again to figure out why it hurts. You let go of a weight that is too heavy but you don’t keep picking it back up to understand why you get injured when you do. You let go of the mad bull’s tail but you don’t grab it again to see if you can figure out why he’s mad.

​ You let go of your hurts not by waking them up and asking them to hurt you again so that you can figure them out. You let go of your hurts by being gentle with them, letting them rest in the past where they belong.

Your hurts will always be connected to you but your strength, courage and bravery grow from repeatedly putting them into a safe, quiet place in your mind. Every time they come out and scream for your attention and replays, let go of the fruitless desire to find some new revelation.

The most powerful affirmation is to talk directly to the thoughts and say either out loud or to yourself ” Go in peace. Thank you”. Say it as often as they pop up but do it gently.

There is great strength in letting go and the more you practice, the stronger you get. Here’s to being stronger every day!

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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